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Will evangelicals rescue immigration reform?
Written by laika   
Thursday, 18 July 2013 12:26

At The Atlantic:

At a time when many believe the influence of faith is waning in American life, the White House's top second-term legislative priorities -- immigration reform, gun control, climate-change legislation, nuclear non-proliferation -- all depend on an active religious lobby. On immigration progressives and Democratic strategists embrace, to a striking degree, the central role evangelicals will have to play in any successful attempt at reform.

Follow pope online, get to heaven sooner
Written by UpOnBlocks   
Wednesday, 17 July 2013 16:55

At The LA Times:

In an effort to lure the shrinking flock of young Roman Catholics to a more wired religious world, a Vatican court has ruled that following Pope Francis online and on Twitter can earn believers time off from their sentence to purgatory for confessed and forgiven sins.

Exodus International says anti-gay view not 'biblical'
Sex & Sexuality
Written by laika   
Thursday, 20 June 2013 11:38

At LATimes:

A controversial Christian ministry that was devoted to changing people “affected by homosexuality” had become “imprisoned” by its own world view and judgment against the gay community and had to close, according to a statement posted on the ministry’s website.

Florida-based Exodus International announced it was closing its doors Wednesday night, a day after its President Alan Chambers apologized in a statement to members of the gay community for "years of undue judgment by the organization and the Christian Church as a whole.”

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 June 2013 11:50
Housecleaning at the Vatican?
Written by kloroks   
Sunday, 16 June 2013 15:47

At The Daily Beast:

Priests caught with their pants down have fueled rumors for years that there’s a ‘gay lobby’ in the upper echelons of the Vatican. Now that Pope Francis is said to have confirmed it, what’s he going to do about it?

Dino Quiz Controversy May Save School
News, Culture, Society
Written by laika   
Thursday, 30 May 2013 23:20

At the Athens Banner-Herald:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — It was labeled “4th grade science quiz. Dinosaurs: Genesis and the Gospel.”

Eighteen questions. The first four were true or false.

The earth is billions of years old. A lopsided pencil mark circled false.

Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Another circle: false.

It went on from there, testing students on the beginning of the world according to creationism, the belief that the literal interpretation of the first book of the Bible explains it all.


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